Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jazz- book review

That I have loved only you, surrendered my whole self reckless to you and
nobody else. That I want you to love me back and show it to me. That
love the way you hold me, how close you let me be to you. I like your
fingers on and on, lifting, turning. I have watched your face for a long
time now, and missed your eyes when you went away from me. Talking to you
and hearing you answer- that's the kick.

~Toni Morrison Jazz

The descriptive and imaginative writing is bound together by an ever present thread. In the end, it is an improbable love story that rings true on many levels.


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Loving Annie said...

I send you prayers filled with *light* and joy that you have the child you want...
I see you cradling him/her, a healthy loved little one who is part of your destiny in life.
And so it is.
Can you feel the warmth ? My soul is smiling as I write this, so it must be a genuine truth/fact about to be come a reality...
(hope that wasn't too 'woo-woo' for you !)

p.s. I start my volunteer job in the emergency room again next week ! Thank goodness for nurses !!! The place wouldn't run without them !