Sunday, November 26, 2006

Where to Live- dream journal

jc and I had moved cross country and were looking for a place to live. We finally found a small one room apartment in a shopping mall. It was right next to a fast food restaurant. I was going all around the mall on roller skates. It turned out there was some kind of convention there. After the convention, we left. Before we left, a lady showed me all the accomodations at the other end of the mall. There were cabins and camping spots and many people had stayed there. Next I was on the bus with two classmates from high school. For a change they were being nice to me. Suddenly they decided they needed the bus for something else and hijacked it. We went careening wildly around curves on a country road.

Sronnoc Esor

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Ms J said...

living in a mall, next to a fast food restaurant...i used to fantasize about that when i was a kid! what does your dream mean? A secret wish for a life less complicated, yearning for childhood days, perhaps?

would be interesting to know what your analysis is.