Saturday, November 25, 2006


I'm of the opinion that you should claim responsibility for your actions, even if you can't control them. jc doesn't usually snore, but when he does and I say, "I can't sleep, you're snoring too loud.", he replies with offended tone, "I can't help it. Put your earplugs in." Well last night I was on call and had to be able to hear the phone, so I resorted to sleeping on the sofa. Snoring Beauty isn't even up yet and probably won't even realize I slept on the sofa to be properly remorseful. If I remind him of it, then I'm just a bitch. Why does his snoring always manage to make me look bad?

Well, this is quite a rant and I forgive you for skipping it. I feel better with that off my chest.


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Holly said...

I get the same thing from my guy! I say virtually the same thing - You're breathing loud" which sometimes gets him to turn on his side which makes it quieter. He finally got exasperated one day - so did I! He realized that me saying the same old thing was annoying, so I asked him if saying something different would help. Now I say "McSnorey" (We both love Grey's Anatomy) and it has helped. I'm glad to not have to do ear plugs. Hope you both get some satisfaction. Snoring can really become a big problem.