Saturday, July 12, 2008

to the Cape

Bleary-eyed after the red-eye from Portland, I napped at the baggage claim while waiting for Robin and A.E. to arrive. Their baggage arrived, and I pulled it from the conveyor and stacked it with my own. Finally, my tall, pigtailed sister, and sunny, towheaded niece came down the escalator. We caught the rental car shuttle, completed the check-in process, and found a gray Mustang waiting in the assigned spot. We took a rather scenic route to the Cape and checked into our cottage.
A.E. had her Dora suitcase opened when we were barely inside, pulling out her Dora bathing suit. We were equally happy to dip in the pool for relief after a warm, busy day. We played on the swing set after our swim, then went for groceries, and went to bed.

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