Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Every time I go back to Pennsylvania, I get a sort of fuzzy feeling when I see familiar things. This trip was no exception. I even saw a 17-year "locust" or cicada. Actually they were quite vocal at the campground. I was born in the year of the locusts, so this is their third trip for me. I went for a long tramp in the woods and drank in the musty familiar smell and got the insect bites to show for it. I walked through poison ivy without contracting it. I ate Middleswarth barbecue chips, scrapple, ring bologna, and lebanon bologna: some of my favorite junk foods. Little M made the familiar macaroni saddle with homemade mayonaise dressing. If you know what all that stuff is, you just might have grown up near me.



linda said...

just found your blog from a link on marcia bonta's page. not many out here in oregon are familiar with scrapple or lebanon bologna. i'm from northern va. and my family is from north central penna. williamsport/muncy/hughesville area.

where do you visit when you go to penna.?

Rose Connors said...

Nice to see another transplant here. Draw a line between the Marcia Bonta and Williamsport, and I grew up in a hollow somewhere in the middle.