Monday, June 25, 2007

Uppers and Downers

When I first started the blog, a reader asked for pictures. The way I've been going lately, I could easily imagine someone asking for more words. Inside my head there are many, many words that are seeking expression. I've got mixed feelings about my job. I turned in a resignation letter today, but I'm sad to be leaving the great working team that I've been a part of for two years. I'm a little apprehensive about the big jump to working only agency, but excited about the many options that it allows for and the money I can make.

That makes it possible for me to take little sister Robin and her daughter A.E. on a cruise next month. We'll be sailing out of Miami on the Carnival Imagination and visiting Key West and Calica, and we're leaving in just one month from tomorrow. If you know me, you can imagine the whirlwind of excitement I'm in getting summer clothes out of storage, planning sidetrips, and of course, a crash course on birds of Mexico.

Lots to do.


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Holly said...

ooooh birds of Mexico! that sounds so fun :-)