Friday, June 01, 2007

Mantoux PPD (purified protein derivative) tuberculin skin test

At left (or above, depending on Blogger) you can see my negative result. No I haven't been to Atlanta, Paris, the Czech Republic, or Montreal. I don't even think I've been caring for patients with TB. The test is required by the company I'm interviewing with on Thursday. The medical assistant at the nurse practicioner's office administered the test. I had to point out to her that all the serum leaked out the needle hub on the first try. I waited about 15 minutes before she came back and administered the test properly in the other arm. I can't wait to see the bill for that. The doctor's office kicked up a bit of a fuss when I told them I would have a nurse at the hospital read the result. However, that took less than a minute; I have no doubt it would have been another 30 minutes and $?? at the doctor's office. We'll all be wearing masks on planes in the future.


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