Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I'll make an attempt at a regular journal entry. The above is random, the best picture I took today, which is not saying much. I've been trying for the Common Yellowthroat for days, but he's a quick mover. I've got the go-ahead to start my new agency job. I passed my drug test and got a satisfactory reference from Boss Lady. We've been having some rainy and overcast weather, which I am enjoying completely. I've been lazy about the movie reviews lately. Favorites recently have been Deja Vu and The Jacket. Both are thought provoking time-twisters. Apparently, we've been watching too much House, MD, because I had a dream last week in which the irritating Dr. House kissed me. Funny that I would choose hime over the hot Aussie, huh? I'm currently reading One Thousand White Women: The Journals of May Dodd, a novel by Jim Fergus. It is a well-researched and imaginative book about white women traded to Custer-era Cheyennes as wives in a last ditch attempt at peacemaking. Oh, and I'm trying to be a more considerate partner after jc's complaints that I am often the contrary. Guilty, I'm sure.



Ms J said...

changes on oyur work front??? i am lost! must read you everyday from now on!

Just saw Notes On A Scandal - you might like it too. thought provoking and sad

Rose Connors said...

Ms J,

I wouldn't worry about missing the job news. I've been purposely vague about it. I'm superstitious that way. I did see Notes on a Scandal- extremely interesting and thoughtful film.