Monday, April 16, 2007

Don't Like Church- dream journal

I attended some sort of church function with the family. I think it was a fundraiser, oddly enough, since they're not big on overt church fundraising. As we were leaving, I commented to Father that at least it was worth going.

"You don't like church anymore." he replied.

I thought, "Here's the big confrontation I've been dreading." Then I swallowed my spit and told him, "Most of the preachers I've heard lately have given sermons that I could have given myself with verses that I have memorized. It doesn't seem to be worth my time and its boring."

"Maybe someday you'll change your mind." he offered.

Later we went to the hotel room or maybe dorm room that we had rented. There was only one bed for Mother, Father, Baptist Nun and I. Someone came and offered to bring us a sleeper sofa, but Baptist Nun and I decided we would sleep on the floor instead. They came back and said that Landlady wanted it there and we had no choice.

In another segment, I was out with friends at a nice, little, informal restaurant. We were seated with mutual friends. I dread these scenarios, but wound up liking the people. They gave us a complimentary plaid cloth hat that noone else liked, but I loved.

Sronnoc Esor

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