Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Africa- dream journal

I was traveling in Africa with several unidentified people. When we reached journey's end for the day, I wanted to go for a walk. A woman I was traveling with wanted me to take candles. She offered this box of white candles of different sizes, most no bigger than a birthday candle. She insisted on a specific size and a certain match for lighting them out of some superstitious sense. When I went outside, it was still light. As I walked through the city, I saw a half-grown lion cub roaming the streets. Soon I was walking in the desolate countryside. I came to a small town where small boys in school uniforms were sitting on bleachers. They were all calling out to me in a foreign language. I told them in English that I couldn't understand. Then I was with a few people going to the top of a tower. At the top, I got on a crude lift that lowered me to the bottom.

We went to get something to eat. I asked for kimchi and was given a raw head of cabbage. All we could get was a salami sandwich on white bread.

Suddenly I was in a shopping mall. I was looking for African curios, but it was full of American mall fare: clothes and jewelry. I saw Mother standing by the wall and went over to her. She said she wasn't feeling well and I suggested that we go outside for some fresh air. The moment we stepped outside, it started to rain very hard. We huddled in the corner of the building and Mother seemed to feel better.

Someone showed up with a rack of bridesmaid's gown for a wedding and started showing them to us. There was a beautiful pink gown with a classically fitted bodice that I liked.

Sronnoc Esor

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