Sunday, October 15, 2006

Inspiration from Dr. Chickenfarmer

The visiting ER doc I worked with last night set the wheels in the void above my neck spinning. He told me that he just diagnosed one of his patients with a newly discovered enzyme that prevents implantation, thus causing repeat early miscarriages, often before a pregnancy can be confirmed. The treatment is anticoagulation: aspirin or heparin. I've said forever that I don't want fertility testing and treatments. I was thinking of IUI, IVF, hormone shots, and all that goes with it. What if a simple baby aspirin a day would give us a baby? I need to learn more about this. It could be new hope for us when mine has been severely wilted. The name of the problem is lupus anticoagulant. Should I be looking for an RE?



ScienceWoman said...

I think you should consider it. Knowing what is preventing you from getting pregnant will arm you with the information to make an informed decision. Maybe it'll turn out to be something simple. Here's hoping.

ryan said...

from one pia patient of a nurse to another. GET THE DAMN TEST. nurses never do things the easy way we have already had this conversation im sure but you need to figure out whats going on before you go nuts

ryan said...

howd my name end up ryan?? i hate computers