Thursday, October 19, 2006

Beautiful Girls- movie review


The title might help prepare you for some of the callow objectification of women used by the mostly male main characters in this film. Does a one to ten rating system for face, body, and personality sum up a woman? Are supermodels really the "promise of a new tomorrow"?On the other hand, Gina has a brilliant soliloquy (delivered as advice to the Tommy), in which she reminds him in a wondrously colorful and expressive way that beauty is only skin deep. So maybe what we really have here is a commentary on lots of different ways to think about beautiful girls.

Most of the female characters in the film showed an acceptable amount of backbone. In spite of the rating system, I give the film good marks for representing a cross section of thought and behavior in its characters.

It was also very funny. Overall, an enjoyable flick.



DrFrappucino said...

so u like movies..
have u seen 'before sunset' or its sequel 'before sunrise'?

btw, which dept are u working at?

Rose Connors said...


I've seen the first one, but not the sequel. I work in med-surg.