Tuesday, September 12, 2006

old times- dream journal

I was artificially inseminated by some antiquated ceremony that had to be performed in a church on a hill. It didn't work.

I was at a dinner party with my husband, a man a didn't recognize, two men he said were my sons, and a stranger. My son made a gravy by pouring together red wine and chicken broth. The potatoes were very lumpy. There were ornate hangers on the wall with two pegs designed to hold chairs that were not in use. I tried to give my younger son money as he was obviously hard up, but he refused it, saying that he was being stolen from by his landlord, who was supposed to be a family friend. I have the distinct impression that this dream was medieval.

I was at BJU where I had to ride the bus to the cafeteria. I got on at the wrong end of the route, rode for a whole hour before coming back to where I got on and finally completing the ten minute ride to the cafeteria. The old lady bus driver told me that my skirt was too short and my pantyhose were too tight. I don't know how pantyhose can be too tight. I was wearing a lovely pink fitted suit that came to midthigh and had a slit. I was still thin. The bus driver started talking about how she knew that I had put on a lot of weight after my riding accident, she insisted I had fallen off a horse, and that's why my clothes were too tight. I told her I don't ride horses and never have.

The people on the bus were very worried about their friend. She had all her stuff in a dog food bag. They wanted to give her money. She herself wasn't there. She may have gotten stuck in a foreign country in a dangerous situation.
I was going for a run. There were a lot of hills and only a very muddy path for a while. Then I passed two churches and I was home. The leaves were turning.

Sronnoc Esor

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M said...

I grew up not far from Shanksville. The plane flew right over the mall in my hometown where my mom and grandma were shopping the day of 9/11. The mall was evacuated because of a low flying plane.