Tuesday, September 12, 2006

a little gripe

Ever since j. has been training at the gym, he has allowed the owner, Ayjay, to use our car to run little errands in town like getting lunch or going to his parent's house to shower. He lives at the gym and there is no shower there. Well, today j. went to get some stuff out of the car for a client and it wasn't there. Ayjay had been gone for an hour and a half. He decided to go shopping in a town 25 miles away: that's a fifty mile trip. Then he had the nerve to wonder if we wanted money for gas. At the current price of gas, that's seven or eight bucks.

Well, although I scored an 82 in cooperation and only a 47 in assertiveness, it's there that I choose to draw the line. Unless Ayjay wants to make payments and put gas in the car, he isn't using it. The man is 36 years old and he acts like a child. What should I expect from someone who can't even remember the birthdays of his children?



Ms J said...

rose, seems like that fella's taking advantage of you and J's generosity. its not just about the gas, but also mileage on your car and general wear and tear.

geez..dont it jsut get to you when people take you for granted?

(want me to send some malaysian thugs over to your side of the world and break his leg??)
just kidding. i cant even swat a fly.

ScienceWoman said...

The guy has kids and still lives in a place with no shower? I'd say he needs to grow up.

Rose Connors said...

He's divorced and never sees his kids, of course. Doesn't pay child support either.