Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lawn Daisy

Ironically enough, I sprayed the driveway for weeds (like lawn daisies) today, but the best picture of the day, shooting with my new-to-me 70-210 zoom lens, was this lawn daisy. The ones I sprayed in the driveway hadn't bloomed yet, making the act of mass herbicide much more palatable. A few blooming weeds in the driveway were actually spared.
Who decides what is a weed or a flower? My neighbor mercilessly uproots johnny-jump-ups in the lawn. To me they are lovely. My thoughts inevitably wander to the human corollary. Who gets to decide who is a good or bad person, worthy of life, or citizenship, or enrollment in elite clubs? I confess to my own fair share of snobbery. I like people who are clean, and pretty, and fit, and above all intelligent.
How often do I overlook someone who might bloom beautifully because the foliage is unsightly or unwanted?

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