Thursday, February 28, 2008

Crossing the Island- dream journal

It was time to renew my library card. There was a whole group of us, including Baptist Nun. Matt Damon reviewed our applications and marked the errors in red. I recopied the application and waited in line, but the desk clerk told me it was too late, I would have to come back the next day.

A group of us were walking along a shore trail, with a specific destination in mind. It seemed like a college campus. We were caught in the incoming high tide. I had my swimming suit on, so I took the opportunity to body surf. I saw a video of it later, and noticed that my bikini was on inside out. The beige lining made it look like I wasn't wearing anything. I was aware that I wasn't keeping the dress code, but I didn't really care.

We climbed a steep trail and came to a large house. We went inside and climbed the steps to the attic where the owners, who we clearly didn't know, had a stockpile of clothing and food. Jason picked out a pair of snow pants. He said he might need them on the return trip. I didn't want anything so bulky, so I took a pair of rain pants. Then I saw a ten pound bag of flour that I wanted and decided to take that also.

We went down the steps and were about to leave when we heard someone come in. Heavy footsteps made it sound like the person was in a big rush. The footsteps went to a different part of the house than we were in. I wanted to run out a different entrance, but Jason wanted to hide. I squeezed myself in the space behind a dresser in a dark corner only to realize that my head and upper body were showing. I looked up to see that anyone coming down the stairs would be looking straight at me. At that moment I heard the footsteps coming down the stairs. I bolted from my poor hiding place, looking for another, but it was too late.

A goateed man asked me what I was doing. I explained that we needed to cross the mountain. He said little, sternly staring at me. "I found some rain pants," I faltered; "would it be okay if I took them." After an uncomfortable silence I added, "Of course I'll pay for them." Suddenly several people were waiting to pay at a makeshift cash register. The goateed man was putting on some kind of a show. I dumped the change from my wallet on the floor, counting out pennies and nickels. After waiting a while, I realized there was no longer a line and went up and paid. The flour was leaking everywhere.

Back on the trail, we stopped for a breather and I poked around on a side trail. A short distance away I found a beautiful spot with a view of both sides of the island. A woman passed us on the narrow trail. I pushed myself up tight against the brambles lining the trail to let her by.

Sronnoc Esor

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