Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I was awakened by an early morning (for me) call from Boss Lady at 10am. Her message said she wanted to "do something about the call-ins" because it really inconveniences her; she went so far as to suggest getting me "fixed". I took great pains to help her understand that when I call in sick, I am really much more inconvenienced than she, and furthermore I would rather go to work than stay in bed with the heating pad. She also suggested that maybe I should not be scheduled when I'm expecting my menses. With 27-46 day cycles, that sounds like a simple fix. I didn't tell her that the last surgeon who cut me open explained that there appears to be no reason for the pain. I also didn't tell her how it seems like a grand cosmic joke to me to have this reproductive system that makes me physically ill two days a month & can't seem to perform its intended function at all. I didn't tell her how frustrated that makes me sometimes. I didn't even tell her that it's her own fault she doesn't have enough staff. We finally agreed that I would remove myself from the schedule in advance if I know I'm getting my period soon. She assured me that she wasn't trying to be punitive, but I feel punished and picked on and mistreated and very tired.


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Holly said...

Wow. I am so sorry to hear that. People really don;t get it and she ought to being both a woman and a medical professional for crying out loud! I have wondered when I will encounter that kind of attitude given my condition. It ought to be considered a disability that is covered.