Thursday, March 08, 2007

Drinking and Dining

1. Monday- A coworker invited us over for dinner. Her husband is a chef, and she purportedly learned everything he knows, so we were looking forward to it. I should have smelled trouble when I saw that the table was set with two sets of wine glasses as well as beer glasses. We started out with red wine, had white with the salad, more red with soup, beer with the entree, and more than one glass of port with roasted walnuts and imported cheese after dinner. It's hard for me to remember, but I think the food was good. Mr. Chef drank way more than me and talked a lot with considerable braggadocio. Mrs. Chef was wonderful, as she always is, and sat on the porch with me while I puked in the yard. jc was very patient and managed to get me home and in bed in one piece. Ailleanach came to see me the moment I got home to make sure I was okay.

(Confidential to XBFRN- Mrs. Chef shares your surname. Do you believe in coincidence?)

2. Tuesday- A client that jc helps out gratis once in a while took us out. I swore to sobriety and moderation. I had a lovely green salad followed by calamari almandine with delicious vegetables and fried ravioli on the side. For dessert there was airy angel food cake topped by strawberries in sauce. The waitress had never heard of the mineral water I requested, but she managed to drag out a bottle of my second favorite. No espresso machine, though.

As an interesting postlude to the dining adventures, the local dented can store had my ultimate favorite mineral water today. Sipping it, I'm reminded of my first taste, when I met jc in Naples, Fla.


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