Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Speed Bump

First of all, yesterday was sunny and warm and I took the new road bike, henceforth dubbed the Firefly due to its beauty and lightning speed up the West Hills.  My lungs weren't quite up the the task, but the bike was.  It's an amazing, stiff machine, and it disappears when you're riding.

Now on to the actual news.  I got a call from the social worker today with the news that my nurse practitioner letter isn't good enough.  Has to be signed by an MD.  I don't know why it took them so long to discover that, but there it is.  My FNP promised to have the doctor in the practice redo it if necessary, but it could include waiting a month to get in to see her, and it certainly means dealing with that horrible receptionist again. Icky.

Ever since I got that call this morning, I've been reminding myself to calm down and be patient.  I think it's working a little.


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