Monday, January 08, 2007

Gone to the Mountains

We've been in the mountains for a few days, and I've been pretty lazy about writing. It snowed while we were there and left everything looking like fairyland. We found a natural hot spring and soaked one day while it was raining. That was a convenient time for a Korean language lesson.

We had a lot of great food; Ki'il and the Scholar like to eat. I discovered that corn bread bakes just fine in the microwave and that my white bean and tofu soup tastes much better when you don't forget the chicken broth.

Nordic skiing turned out to be easier than I expected. We enjoyed skiing one evening under the full moon. It also makes you really hot. I was wearing way too many clothes here and left most of that stuff at the hotel for future outings.

It's good to be back home. I got in three nights at work, which adds up to almost as much work as I had in the whole month of December. The kitties were glad to see us, too.


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