Thursday, December 21, 2006

Whitman's sampler

Dahlia Man scored big with me by giving a Whitman's chocolate sampler that includes exactly zero creams. I despise creams. Before I discovered this fact, I offered jc the creams. Since there are none I reneged on my offer, telling jc to leave my chocolates alone. Yes, this year I plan to be a little piggie and eat the whole box myself. (Since I ovulated today, booze are out as a way of celebrating.) I'll worry about those five extra pounds around my hips later.


gnumoon said...

I completely agree. There are few shocks in life that compare to biting into what you think is a yummy, gooey caramel from the Whitman's box, only to discover that instead it is filled with some type of hideous strawberry-flavored mush. *shudder*

(good luck with your ovulating- I think chocolate actually helps get the whole process moving)

Ms J said...

hahahaa...yes, End Of Year is no time to think about those puonds you pile at the hips..that's what New Year Resolutions are for!

now where can I get these celebrated Whitman's?